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comico 免費全彩漫畫

專門為手機繪製的彩色長條漫畫 單指滑就能追漫,輕鬆到要飛起來 天天輕鬆看,不看會後悔哦 (ノ´▽`)ノ 包含已推出動畫的Relife重返17歲,劇情強作復仇要冷冷端上、大城市小女子,戀愛系必看的少女心症候群、魔咒之吻、可可亞79%,和可愛到爆錶的小木乃伊到我家,都在comico連載中! 【comico主要特色】 ► 來自台日韓全球超過2700萬下載 以週連載方式,由台灣、日本、韓國新人創作的漫畫每天都看的到! ► 專為手機繪製的全彩漫畫 全部都是彩色,帥哥美女正太蘿莉都更生動啦!長條漫畫只要一指滑就能輕鬆追漫哦 ► 酷炫帥的互動漫畫 充份運用手機的鈴聲、震動、動畫,看恐怖漫畫的時候請不要嚇到摔手機 ► 官方Facebook粉絲頁 https://www.facebook.com/comico.nhntw/div<div jsname="Igi1ac" style="display:none;">Specifically for mobile phones drawn color comic strip Man will be able to recover the one-finger slide, easy to fly to Every day, easy to see, do not look at will regret Oh (Techno ▽ ) Techno Has launched contains animated Relife return 17-year-old, forced a revenge plot to end the cold, big city small woman, the Department must-see girls love heart syndrome, spell the kiss of cocoa 79%, and lovely to burst table little mummy to my house, in comico serialized in [Comico Key Features] ► Taiwan from Japan and South Korea the worlds more than 27 million downloads A weekly serial way, created from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea new cartoon every day to see to ► full-color comics drawn specifically for mobile phones All are in color, is too Lolita hotties are more vivid it Comic strip as long as a finger can easily slip chase Man oh ► handsome cool interactive comics Full use of the mobile phone ring tones, vibration, animation, watching horror comics of the time, do not throw the phone scare ► official Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/comico.nhntw

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