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Idle Clash - Tap Frontier Defender

The kingdom is run over by the orcs and titans. Your mission is to defend the frontier in this masterpiece idle game that has RPG elements added to it. Test not only your defense skills, but also your RPG mechanics to protect the kingdom from the frontier evil forces. THE FRONTIER OF A NEVER-ENDING WAR The orcs are not only attacking your kingdom, but also getting stronger and stronger. Do you have what it takes to defend the frontier? Recruit heroes, train them, equip them with powerful weapons and let them battle those nasty orcs out of the frontier. Upgrade your fortress, defenses and send those orcs into oblivion. IDLE FRONTIER CLASH COMBINED WITH RPG ELEMENTS What was missing from idle clash games have been rpg elements. No more just waiting for the wave to clear. Hold the button and see your heroes fight the enemies even more furiously. Not only that, you can also level them up, equip them with powerful weapons and let them unleash their special skills. No more is the boring grinder. Upgrade your defenses from walls to frontier towers. Recruit more heroes. Any many more. IDLE CLASH - TAP FRONTIER DEFENDER OFFERS LOTS OF CONTENT: - BUILD more than 10 unique defensive towers with endless amounts of upgrades - RECRUIT over 6 unique heroes each with their own special skills and weapons - ENJOY 50 beautiful, hand-crafted environments. - COLLECT more than 100 Relics - TAP to defeat many types of destructive monsters ruthlessly outnumbering our forces - FINISH various quests with awesome rewards. - A lucky Wheel to test your luck with great items to win. - Leaderboards. - Achievements.

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