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KakaoMap - Map / Navigation

KakaoMap will show you the fastest routes in Korea With KakaoMap, you can find everything you want in a map app, from directions to hot restaurants and local attractions, and more ◼︎ You need to find the fastest route? ✔ Fastest and most accurate map You will get the latest information updated within 24 hours for cars, public transportation, walking and bicycle. ✔ Navigation system included No need to install a separate navigation app. When you search for a route, KakaoMap will give you navigation directions right away. ✔ Comprehensive search within one search window You can find all information you need using one search window including a bus number, a bus stop, a specific place, etc. ◼ When you need local information ✔ Recommendation just for you KakaoMap will provide useful information based on your current location including hot restaurants, keywords, spots, events, etc. ✔ Search areas on the map You can see search results right away by using the Re-search this area feature on the map. ✔ Places suggested by data KakaoMap analyzes big data on visitors and provides information on a specific place by age, gender and day of the week. ◼ Need more systematic maps? ✔ Favorites organized by folders You can manage Favorites by folder and indicate them on the map. Folders can also be followed and shared. ✔ Road View After searching for a route, you can see the place you plan to visit in advance using the Roa View feature. ✔ Realistic 3D Map We provide a more realistic vector-based map which can be rorated or tilted 360 degrees. It looks very real ✔ Real 3D Sky View When you want to search a three-dimentional map, you can use 3D Sky View. ◼ Other convenient features ✔ Favorite places shown on the map ✔ Real-time bus information to help you reduce wait time ✔ Real-time traffic information to help you find fastest routes ✔ Convenient and accurate subway map KakaoMap loves to hear your suggestions. ✔ Questions & Feedback - maps@kakaocorp.com - Kakao Customer Service Homepage (http://www.kakao.com/requests?locale=ko&service=59) - Customer Service: 1577-3321 - Developer: 1577-3754 ---- ◼︎ Service Access Permissions [Optional Permissions] - Location: To search the current location and nearby - Mic: For voice search - Storage: For navigation and photo upload - Phone: For navigation - Camera: To take photos * You can still use the service even if you dont give the above permissions. * For Android under 6.0, you cant individually manage app permissions. Please check with your devices manufacturer if its OS can be upgraded. If upgrade is possible, we recommend that you update the device to 6.0 or higher. ---- Developer Contact Info: 1577-3754

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