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Word connect

Download word connect, train yourself as a master of the word Touch and slide letters, find hidden words, earn gold coins Word links in the classic play, but also gives it a new feature to challenge your imagination and skills How to play? - Slide and touch the letters in any direction and connect the letters to find hidden words - Click the Refresh button to switch the letter position, easier to find - money to buy tips, get word information tips - daily challenge, help you earn more gold coins Word connection features: - simple, addictive words to look for - Hidden words waiting for you to find - Play the Word link anytime - no time limit to start your brain to find your own rhythm word - a variety of themes, come and choose your favorite theme: food, music and so on - Log in every day for an exciting daily challenge and a wonderful daily reward - Free download on Google - Automatically save records - suitable for children and adults Word war game, ready to meet the challengeļ¼

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