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10000000 is a Dungeon Crawling Puzzle RPG Matching Game. Run the dungeon, match tiles and run for as long as you can “This game is so good it makes me want to cry” - TouchArcade - Monsters blocking your way? Match swords and staves to take down pixel art Orcs, Dragons and Elementals - Cant see a match? Dig into your backpack for items. How about casting a magic spell that changes all the tiles on the puzzle board, or eating some food to give yourself an energy boost. - Battle getting too tough? Use the loot you found to go back to the Blacksmith and Armorer to upgrade your gear to epic status “Freedom costs 10 million. Im half-hoping I never make it” – Kotaku - Its an RPG too - Each dungeon and monster fight gives you experience to spend on new skills at at the trainer - Upgrade your castle - Matching stone and wood lets you bring it back home to upgrade your castle “Its damned good.” – Pocket Tactics - Brew potions to make yourself stronger, or if you are feeling brave, drink potions that make the monsters and chests harder but increase your score. - Roguelike difficulty - Its hard to reach 10000000 but keep replaying the dungeon and youll get stronger and stronger every run - And while you do it, zone out with some retro music and pixel art